Criminal / Civil Services

Criminal / Civil Services

Sanity Evaluations

Sanity Evaluations explore a defendant’s mental state at the time of the alleged offense. An Insanity Defense is an affirmative defense whereby the defendant acknowledges having engaged in the offense, but argues lack of responsibility due to mental disease or defect.

Competency to Waive Miranda

Psychologists assess whether there are any cognitive problems or mental health disorders that may have impaired the defendant’s ability to waive Miranda rights knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily. Often, these evaluations are conducted to gain insight into the individual’s Competency to Confess or the validity of a Miranda waiver. These evaluations typically involve interviews and review…

Competency to Stand Trial

Competency to Stand Trial is most simply defined as the defendant’s ability to understand and participate in the court proceedings. Depending on the jurisdiction, Competency to Stand Trial may also be referred to as Competence To Stand Trial, Competence To Proceed, or Fitness to Proceed (juvenile court). Competency to Stand trial is necessary to ensure…